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on November 13th, 2012 interviewed the ladies on everything that you can think of. Learn more about Kate and Riki and share with your friends! This series of interviews includes exclusive performances of some of your favorite songs, so hit up the playlist and get to watching!


3 Responses

  1. Anton says:

    It was great to hear Self Esteem once again, it’s really one of my favorite. Thank You. Good luck with the Grammy!

  2. Mandalynn says:

    Where is your “I don’t understand job” official video????

  3. jacob says:

    The best amazing feminist song after 4000 years of stupid machist religious supremacy is born and you are the parents! Mes compliments pour la grace, l’ironie et l’innocence
    de: fuck me in the ass b.i love jesus.
    Thank you billion times!
    Yours faithfully

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