Garfunkel and Oates on Tour

on September 10th, 2014

The ladies are hitting the road! Catch them in a city near you! Still lots of chances to see Garfunkel and Oates on tour.

Check out the dates below:



10 Responses

  1. Daz says:

    Awww, no Canadian destinations?

  2. Daryl says:

    What the Fuk?! I’m supposed to drive all the way to Chicago? My broke ass lives in Kentucky. You ever hear of Louisville, Lexington?
    How about you help a brother out girls!! Jeez us Christ

  3. Michael says:

    Are these morons supposed to be funny? Perhaps the joke’s on us.

  4. William Crosby says:

    Absolutely live ur show. I am 66 and this is my firs time writing to a show
    Thanks for the fun time watching

    Where can I but the wine purse given on the bandanaversary it would be perfect for my daughter

  5. Parna says:

    Why not Canada?

  6. Nadesico says:

    @Michael If You Don’t Find Them funny, Then Why The Fuck Are You On Their Website And Commenting? Seems like you’re the one who’s a fucking moron

  7. joey grizzly says:

    Ikr. ppl on here saying their not funny and their show sux.need to ask themselves why they were like huh. i dont like them! i still think i’ll go not only to their website but i’ll also comment. i mean this makes no fucking sense!!!

  8. Antonio says:

    GIRLS, when you come in Italy? It’s time for a European tour !!!

  9. Alex says:

    Aha, and Russia too 🙂 high time for an international tour
    You are amazing!

  10. Jerry says:

    You guys are the Lennon & Mc of whatever it is that you do. I am another geezer, and a NJ snot, and need a laugh because of both. If these clods who are trashing you don’t get it, they need a humor transfusion, or a purgative. thx

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