Episode 8 Photos

on October 1st, 2014

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  1. Tom Castor says:

    Love your humor! Want to come and see you at Bogart’s in Cincinnati on Nov. 14th! Even though I’m 72 years old, youth both turn me on!!!Watching your videos on You
    Tube here in Chillicothe, Ohio.

  2. David Zabiela says:

    Fab Show!
    Such a shame that the of mice and men toon video is not on YouTube yet as I think this wonderful dark sketch would be good to post on Facebook to get more of my friend to watch your show.

  3. Tom Lang says:

    You guys are fantastic !! I love your humor. I watch you on TV as much as I can. Is your TV show on IFC gonna come back ? Just saw ya on the Late Late Show and was waiting for an announcement ’bout your shows return, but no go. Help make a crippled up old shut in happy in his final years and please put the show back on ? Thanx, Gals ! T. Lang

  4. a coffman says:

    OMG, I just finished the last episode & I’m heartbroken that there are no more to watch. You two are hilarious–and the show was a fantastic combo of funny, sexy, & sweet. I am SOOO hoping there will be another season…some time, somewhere…

  5. Alex Wood says:

    You guys should publish Kate’s fear journal/children’s book. I want to read it!

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